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That’s right, we did it again and came out with the first Blackops Hack auto fire aimbot. You set the hack up by checking off auto fire and 180 degree rotation and it will detect and kill the enemy for you automatically every single time. It’s faster than any human in the world and can win a match with nothing but kills, not even one death. It’s super fast, fun and hilarious to use on a server. Click the images below to go to our main website and get more information and watch movies and then become a new VIP.

call of duty black ops hacks

new blackops hack video
no deaths in blackops using aimbot

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First Ever COD Blackops Hacks Released just released the FIRST ever COD 7 Hack to website subscribers! The hack was ready 4 and a half hours before the American PC release! Join VIP now and download your COD BlackOps Hack tonight! Our hack will allow you to rank up super fast and place first in every single round. Join 200,000 other online hackers now.

Blackops Hack

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COD Black Ops Hacks

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